Dating dead men audiobook

Wake the kids and start kiddin' at the wake Jake, 'cause there's breakin' news about to break, news so good it's hard to take.I got news about blues for all of youse about which we will all enthuse.His body is burned in an alley, and the police wrongly identify the corpse as being the mobster Tony.

All music this week: a eclectic selection from all directions.

Piper helps Mark and they fall in love for each other.

Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe are organizing a surprise party for Prue's birthday and Phoebe works as a psychic in the lobby of a hotel to earn money and buy a gift for Prue.

Readings: excerpt from “Stardance,” by S & J; “Options” by John Varley.

Music: “Cottontail,” by Ella Fitzgerald with Duke Ellington’s Orchestra; “Sweet Marajuana Brown,” by Joe Thomas with the Barney Bigard Sextet and Art Tatum; “Muggles” by Louis Armstrong; “Pak Alit” by Colin Mac Donald.