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Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.Google shouldn’t have the right to takeaway precious material from the internet.This site covers magazines, video catalogs, links, and so on.a feature-length video documentary of Annable Chong (aka: Grace Quek, Chinese name: Zhong Aibo), a witty, literate 22 year old USC student, having sex with 251 men over the course of one ten-hour day in Jan 19, 1995 and setting a world record.This file featured at the Sundance Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Festival.Material that demeans people or puts them in real physical or emotions danger should definitely be deleted as soon as possible.Trickle Affect With the deletion of things on a blog about sex a domino affect could occur.However, it needs having some guts to run such kind of web site in China.

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For this who luckily save the blogs which google is basically illegal removing will be taken down sometime this year.Films and photographs could eventually be affected by the move google is making by taking down these controversial blogs.Although controversial it is legal so until it becomes illegal it should lent be tampered.Google has no right to shut down the internet information as it free for the world to explore and enjoy.By google taking away the people of America first amendment is totally preposterous.