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There is still a caste system, which is at the heart of K and Joi’s relationship, but even as indentured servants, the replicants have inherited the Earth…truly so, as all the rich humans have long vacated that dump to live off-world.In a narrative landscape where no major character is unquestionably human, the distinction between what is real and artificial—which was the crux of Deckard and Roy Batty’s arcs in the original film—has so long blurred that it’s become moot.Androids are a fact of life, and they are alive, even if their easily mistaken human superiors continuously view them as soulless automations.In her first scene, she confesses to K she has “cabin fever,” who in turn reveals he has bought his girlfriend a present.

Apparently a Nexus 8, the Tyrell replicants with an open-ended lifespan, Wallace has permanently enslaved his race by creating new obedient models that have made living off-world a paradise for humans.

Her name is Joi and she is an illusion in every sense, right down to her holographic countenance made up of ones and zeroes.

But in the world of , nobody is perfect, and she is both the fantasy and reality of Ridley Scott’s haunted future made flesh. Thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s beautifully horrifying dream of a synthetic tomorrow flopped at the box office, Denis Villeneuve has conjured a potent and worthy successor to that alluring bleakness.

He’s a robot in love, spending his disposable income on a hologram.

Thus the way Joi unintentionally laments her closeted life could be construed as no different than i Tunes asking you to upgrade it for the umpteenth time…