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Lengthy process of courting, conceiving a child, then carrying a child, then taking care of the child is always in a back of women’s mind when they are approached by men.Not that women are consciously thinking of the consequences of possible sexual behavior, it’s rather thinking processes that bypass their left hemispheres and go on only in right hemispheres. Learning how to sexually attract women is like learning new language, different from common language that consists only of words.In fact, women speak this language of attraction fluently.What is even more interesting is that women tend to have orgasms while making love to their lovers and not their long-term partners.This explains why women often get pregnant by lovers.Their sexual desire reaches a maximum level during an ovulation.

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While males have millions of options for reproduction, for women it’s different.Over several billion of years males and females have been developing through totally different routes as far as sexual consciousness, attraction and behavior are concerned.These differences have become accumulated in our unconsciousness and subconsciousness and work as powerful machines affecting our choices.They are not sizing you up for romance.”" data-reactid="30"When making a judgment about a potential friend, men and women looked at the same areas — namely, they looked at a person’s legs and feet more, according to Bahns.They are not sizing you up for romance.”facial symmetry — cues for facial fitness and health.