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"Everything seems to be kosher, so I'll leave you girls to it," he said to Ann-Marie.

"Love you, babe." As agreed, I handed him a slip of paper with my Portland address and phone number.

Her simple white blouse and tan capri pants did little to disguise the fact that she had, by my reckoning, a perfect body. She had light green eyes and long, fluttering lashes. I mean, our emails were very exciting, and now this... I was very turned on by the fact that she could feel my power and could hardly look at me. It's about eight blocks from here." Gesturing for her to walk in front of me, I headed toward the door with a wink to the two lesbians, who were openly ogling my new submissive. That blonde is one lucky little bitch..." Back at the loft, I didn't waste time. But I always wanted more..." "Oh, you'll get that here," I said with a laugh. And by the way, who told you to not call me Mistress just now? "Pick up those buttons and then take off the rest of your clothes. "You haven't earned it yet," I told her, barely restraining my own desires.

A lock of blonde hair fell over her forehead, as porcelain-smooth as the rest of her body, except for a small mole on the side of her neck. I mean, I'm hoping that you like me as much as, well, as I like you..." I placed a finger over my lips. But I knew it was best to ease into this delicious scenario. I overheard the older one saying: "God, I would submit to her too. Yes, you are to be completely naked the next time I see you. Put your hands on my beautiful ass and take a look for yourself." She hesitated for a second and then complied. I knew I had to show her that I and only I was in control here. You need to prove that you're worthy to touch, tongue, and worship my cunt." Ann-Marie redoubled her efforts, breathing hard with lust for me as she completed the massage.

How delightfully wicked it was to have a servant girl doing exactly what I told her, obeying me at my feet...yes, a slave for me...that's exactly what Ann-Marie was learning to be. I wanted to fuck with her mind, showing that only my desires counted, and I lay with my back turned toward her, acting as if I planned to go to sleep right away.

When she finished up the pedicure, I inspected her handiwork and nodded with satisfaction. "You may join me tonight." Fifteen minutes later, she came in, looking very sweet in a short pink flannel nightie. Only when Ann-Marie let out a long sigh of disappointment did my right hand slide smoothly, firmly beneath the covers to take hold of her inner thigh. I responded by sliding my hand down further and then putting it slowly up her nightie.

Ann-Marie spread her thighs and I began to masturbate her in slow, deliberate circles.Better yet, thanks to a tip from a friend, I got the chance to housesit in a beautiful restored heritage loft in the Pearl District, whose owner was away for an entire week.Even though my work commitment was just for one day, I decided to take full advantage and stay the week. A few weeks earlier, I'd signed up on a personals web site catering to bisexual and bi-curious women.Withdrawing my mouth, I deftly slid two fingers into her tight little cunt and began to finger her, putting my other arm around her and pushing her face into my breasts.I pushed up firmly against the roof of her soaked cunt and she let out a loud moan of shocked pleasure. " she screamed, the sound echoing through the high-ceiling bedroom.