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Do you have to put excessive pressure on the touchpad buttons and wiggle them around to get them to respond?Possibly some have even become so bad they respond intermittently or not at all at times. Buy another new Autostar 497 handset, or take a chance on a used one in "Good condition, responds well!! These do not seem like very affordable or desirable options, but fear not there is another much better way to fix this situation without dropping the price of a new Autostar 497 handset or taking a chance on a used one.Use the direction key to highlight the or - and then use the arrow key to change. This also applies to any mount if the direction is wrong.Just change the or - at the beginning of the ratio.heres not a whole lot you can say that hasn't already been said about the Autostar controller.

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The only difference is that the DS models are for Alt / Az fork mounts only and the ETX models allow you to polar align ( fork mount polar align ) If you are using an EQ mount you need to select the 114EQ / 4504 model to allow for an Equatorial Mount.

The Autostar is very user friendly and at any time a telescope model is selected from the Telescope Menu, the Autostar automatically resets all values back to the original factory settings.

So there is no need to record the settings before changing them. Select a Telescope Model in accordance to what motors are being used ( DS , LXD, 114EQ/4504 ).

: To use the Autostar controller with a GEM / EQ mount it will require a patch downloaded to the Autostar.

The patch was developed be Dick Seymour and can be downloaded from Mike Weasners web site ( Click here ) .