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Keyu Jin says the Chinese leader’s anti-corruption drive is no political purge, as some fear, but an attempt to rein in out-of-control local officials in order to strength China’s government and economy ) with concern.Not only has he been reconcentrating power in the hands of the central government, many believe that his radical anti-corruption campaign is a fig leaf for a political purge.Over the past three decades, power in China has been decentralised considerably, with provincial and municipal governments receiving, in an incremental fashion, substantial autonomy to experiment and test reforms aimed at attracting foreign investment and spurring gross domestic product growth.Moreover, they have been granted direct control over resources and local infrastructure development.Unless it reined in the municipal satraps, the central government could essentially kiss its reform plans goodbye. He put some local government powers back into the hands of the central authorities.And he launched his far-reaching anti-corruption campaign.In an era when growth was the top priority, the corruption that fuelled it was tacitly accepted, and even blithely condoned.

Xi’s efforts to rein in China’s bureaucracy continues unabated.The Saudis didn’t need to buy their own insurance policy: They had an American one.But under President Barack Obama, that policy was torn up.They worry Xi is building a cult of personality, much like the one that surrounded Mao Zedong () and fuelled the Cultural Revolution. While it is true that Xi is, to some extent, amassing power, his motivation is the need to strengthen China – both its government and its economy.To succeed, he must bring a bureaucracy that has spun somewhat out of control back into line.