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Craig likes to message, and message, and message, and call you at 3am and wake you and your three-year-old child up, just to show he cares.’ She then explains how Craig is a very ‘committed’ kind of a person’, adding: ‘He thinks if you have been on a date with him twice (last year) then he owns you and you have loyalties to him, of course!

’ Penny then ends the ad with: ‘I cannot tell you anymore about him because I barely know him, but he seems like a good catch doesn’t he!

‘When he got back in touch after four years, I didn’t really think anything of it and thought he was just someone to go on a date with.

Now when I think back, it was a little weird that he’d had me in his head for that long.’ Penny added: ‘This has definitely put me off dating because you’re really putting yourself at risk.

The least attractive fish, on the other hand, was the common carp.

I’d say don’t meet at your home because you could be in danger afterwards.’ On April 16, Craig said: ‘Hi Penny, how are you and the little one?

x’ Ten days later, after receiving no reply, he messaged Penny saying: ‘Have a good night tomorrow rave it up lol xx.

I would have liked to retaliate but someone like that could bite back.

‘Women who use dating apps need to be aware of this kind of harassment and if someone doesn’t seem right, they need to trust their instinct.