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The illusion of separation has caused massive problems on earth.

In Oneness we can find the solutions needed to avoid global calamity and create a world of health, well-being and flourishing for all.

When you register for the summit you’ll be given a chance to get discounts and reserve your spot for these programs, which are likely to fill up quickly: • Awaken the New Species in You with Barbara Marx Hubbard A 52-week life-changing online intensive with visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard Presented by Humanity’s Team Homo sapiens are giving birth to a new species—Homo Universalis—a higher conception of humanity that co-evolves with nature, co-exists with high-tech genius, co-creates with spirit and leads with love.

Do you feel a resonant urging within you to be an active part of this next level of human being, this One Community?

The Oneness Movement is growing; more and more people are waking up to the Ultimate Reality of the Oneness of all Life.

It takes more however than waking up to bring an end to all the devastation that we are witnessing in the world around us.

Illuminate now with eternal peace, love and joy in every aspect of your life.We birth a new world of wonderful possibilities for all humanity.The Oneness Declaration confirms our most Fundamental Reality. Several of the Summit are offering powerful and inspiring programs that will go deeper into topics discussed during the Summit.Global celebrations of all types, such as cross-cultural and interfaith gatherings, song and dance gatherings, nature gatherings, meditation and prayer circles, reading the Oneness Declaration and listening to the telesummit together – all in true communion and remembrance of Who We Really Are!The Global Oneness Day virtual telesummit continues to grow each year, and is as the rallying point of each celebration.

Baya and ryan still dating 2016