Word footer not updating

If you delete an entire paragraph in one fell swoop, however, Word doesn’t view that as merging two paragraphs and it does not apply the settings from the deleted paragraph to the one that follows it. The reason for introducing Paragraphs into this discussion is that every Section Break contains an implicit Paragraph Mark; the end of a section is always the end of a paragraph as well.

When you delete a Section Break you are also deleting the implicit Paragraph Mark and, as a result, there are two possibilities: either you are deleting a paragraph mark with the result that two paragraphs are being merged, or you are deleting an entire paragraph.

Sometimes, when you update an Index Field, your Page Headers can change, or disappear; sometimes your page formatting may change.

These effects can happen when you have an Index formatted with an explicit number of columns and you have different formatting of the body of the Document before and after the Index.

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When you do this, the Header or Footer information is stored in the earlier, or earliest, Section and referred to by the later Sections.

If you decide to turn on Automatic Update I advise you to add the date that you created the document in the title i.e.

We get a lot of documents sent to our office from clients where we then have to print those documents and organize them on their files.

There had to be one, hadn’t there, or I wouldn’t be writing this?

Truth is, there are several quirks; some of them are described on , although not specifically the one currently of interest.