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Her experiences as she developed into an adolescent and witnessed her older brother's self-destructive addictions and her father's increasing absence and attempts to cope with family and financial stresses through liquor are retold in a way that is both sad and true.Later experiences which ultimately resulted in her being discovered and promoted seem to have been fated as one quirky situation after another points her on the path to her success.In 2016, the gala raised more than 0,000 to enhance programs and services offered by the Library; making a critical investment in our city and the lives of all who live here.View highlights from 2015 JANN ARDEN'S MUSIC, PERSONALITY AND PROSE HAVE CAPTURED THE ATTENTION OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD.

She is the proud recipient of a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame; has been inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and has recieved the Vantage Women of Originality Award.

I feel badly for kids today, they will never experience growing up as both Jann and I did -- it was fun, challenging, interesting and exciting, and we were rarely bored.

In her young adulthood she faced some big challenges, but she grew from them and together with her early life has created a strong, independent and caring woman of incredible talent, one I am proud to identify as an "Alberta Girl"First, I am a Jann Arden Groupie. She certainly can write moving, soul searching songs but a book? Her witty, poignant prose is a great read, and I actually hear her voice as I read it.

I hope she writes a sequel as this one was hard to leave. Absolutely loved this book , it was such a wonderful insight into Jann Arden’s life !! I love how Jann writes - it feels like she is speaking right to me. Jann is a fan of both my daughter and me and to share this book and compare thoughts of someone that we both admire is fun.

It is funny, sad I could definitely relate to her life growing up in the 60’s and living on a farm !! One thing no one will ever say about Jann, that she's not honest!

Rick mercer and jann arden dating