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(Samantha Masunaga)Chuck Eesley, who taught Murphy at Stanford’s engineering school in 2010, said the unique thing about the role of the understated technical leader is that technologists who successfully partner with a business or design leader are a rare breed.“There’s a lot of technical-heavy teams where no one wants to work with the talker, the seller …the loudest guy in the loudest bar,” said Eesley, who studies entrepreneurship.Investors can draw inferences from the executives’ pre-IPO video pitch (which features Spiegel for about three times as long).Murphy talks about the “brilliance of Evan” and his ability to develop services that delight users.Though work on Snapchat was underway, Murphy got a day job at Revel Systems in San Francisco.The 40-employee start-up was building restaurant management software, including i Pad registers."But a lot of the research shows you need that combination of skills.”Murphy grew up in El Cerrito, Calif., attending private Catholic schools in nearby Berkeley.

They’ve never had a public spat, but that doesn’t mean investors aren’t questioning how they will overcome tensions.

Spiegel sought out Murphy to develop a college admissions tool.

Though the efforts were among many that failed, their relationship remained close.

Spiegel’s stake will climb after the initial public offering, but either can retain power even after leaving the company.

If one dies, then the other could control the -billion company.