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There is many way to create a new account in Google Analytic create a new UA-xxx number or make a new one under an existing UA-xxx-y (y) y is increment number 1,2,3, on two questions : I have come close to the 50 limit, so maybe doing new account under a already created is a way to trick the system to have more than 50. is there a difference or a drawback to make two completely different site under the same UA-xxx number with just the last digit different... If two sites have nothing to do with each other, and you run up against a limit for UA-123-50 (if that is the limit), there's no drawback in beginning to move your new sites to UA-124-1. You Google Analytic pro out there please help me, the help forum is unanswered or completely useless Thanks in advance I what to know..i generate a new UA-1234-1 for a new site or using a already generate UA-1234 with anothe digit a the ens is fine UA-1234-6 The only connection between UA-123-1 and UA-123-2 is that they're organized under the same menu, and so permissions are managed in the same way.Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

One other important fact is that if you ever want to give someone Admin access to a particular part of your account, you can't.

As a general organizational rule, the grouping of UA-123 is just organizational, not technological, since GA sends the data only to the full account specified (UA-123-4).

So, sites tagged with UA-123-4 will never share data with sites tagged UA-123-1.

Just drop a copy of the into the x Xx folder on your internal sdcard and the aroma installer will present you with the latest version of all kernels in that folder.

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