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he had even applied and told the company he was willing to travel. He sighed, and surprised her, though, adding, "I guess we can keep it in mind... She looked around, resisting the urge to stare at her reflection in the glass at the front of the club.She was sexed up, and knew that several of the guys in the line were staring at her. "Maybe." "She should enter," Jacen encouraged them, "You'd be a natural, ma'am." Ann blushed and looked away.

"Maybe, but the men are throwing money at her," she pointed out to her husband. Missy had easily three times the money Samantha had brought in, and the first song was not close to being done. Girls working classy joints, can make thousands in a weekend," he said, trying to estimate how much the voluptuous dancer had made already. She sat up, angry at the suggestion she was not the one who got to decide. it isn't bad." "Great," the owner smiled broadly, offering Ann an elbow, "Let me show you to the back...

As if he had sensed they were looking at him, Jacen turned, and seeing Tom and Leslie watching him, he waved briefly. The crowd cheered, and Tom figured for whatever reason the bleach blonde was going to be the winner again. a big round of applause for the virgin of the night...

Ann." The guys along the rail seemed to sag, as if they did not expect any sort of show. She hesitated, and there were some hoots and whistles.

They sipped their beers and watched the girl dance... "I have," she nodded, not looking at Tom, "I'm going to give it a try." "What? You can find something back there..." not completing the sentence 'to take off for my customers.' Before Tom was really aware of what was happening, his wife had disappeared through the heavy curtains left of the stage, which hid a door to the back of the club.

The club owner was back in just a moment, though, sliding into the seat after waving to one of the waitresses and motioning for he and Tom to get fresh drinks. " Tom asked, aware that he only had a little cash in his wallet. "I told you if she danced it would be." Tom relaxed; he even smiled.