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in black pebble grain leather with or without toecap with leather soles are US$ 74 (UK Pounds 38, Euro 60) delivered anywhere in the world in any size from 6-13 US.Please mention British, European or US dress shoe size while placing orders. British Army ww1 (ww I, world war one) riding breeches or Jodhpurs are made in correct khaki color wool for the period and were used by the British army cavalry units from 1870 – 1920.Breeches with leather patching on the inside thigh are US$ 84 ( UK Pounds 42, Euro 71) and breeches without the leather re-inforcing are US$ 74 ( UK Pounds 37, Euro 62) including custom tailoring delivered anywhere in the world, WW1 British Uniform.The British army world war one (ww1,wwi) officers uniform is now available to you at more than 10% discount.Over 500 pairs of the British army ww1 (wwi, world war one) pattern 1907 service dress (SD) uniform trouser have been supplied and this available in brand new more authentic finish.The British Army ww1 (ww I, world war one) Gray (grey) wool “greyback” (grayback) collarless undershirt worn by the soldiers of the ww1 (ww I, world war one) British army in the original correct grey wool fabric is individually priced at US$ 45 (UK Pounds 29 Euro 38) delivered anywhere in the world in any size.

The British army world war one (ww1,wwi) Service dress cap now comes with a hand embroidered cap badge free of charge.

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This is the pattern that most ww I British army troops went to battle in.

The lining is in strips of white cotton and all facings are of the same drab serge as the jacket (pocket facings and front button hole facings).