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The settings are displayed in the viewfinder and the rear LCD screen.

Unless you've set the AF Area mode to 'auto area,' you can change the active AF point via the eight-way controller.

The overall body ergonomics and the weight distribution of the camera are very good, feeling perfectly balanced and very much like a natural extension of your hands, and we certainly appreciated the weight saving when using the camera for more than a couple of hours.

The lower weight has mainly to do with the body material - the Nikon Df has a body shell whose rear, bottom and top plates are made of metal but the front plate is plastic.

Also located on the front of the Nikon Df are a Bracketing button, flash sync terminal, a Preview button for previewing how the current shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity settings affect the exposure, and a customisable Function button (which by default switches between FX and DX modes).

Finally there's the standard command dial, which rather strangely sits vertically flush with the front of the camera body, rather than horizontally, and is therefore more awkward to use than might be expected.

Nikon have obviously spent a lot of time and attention on getting the aesthetics of the Df just right, and it's certainly paid off.

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More importantly, from a style point of view, the overall design suffers when you fit other Nikon lenses than the 50mm kit lens, as they invariably have a gold-banded design that instantly looks out of place on the Df.

The Nikon Df is the smallest and lightest 35mm full-frame DSLR camerain Nikon's current range, just pipping the D610.

With the selector switch in the 'AF' position, you can toggle between AF-S and AF-C modes by holding down this button and turning the rear control wheel.

To cycle through the available AF Area modes - single and auto area in AF-S, single, 9-, 21- and 51-point dynamic, 3D tracking and auto area in AF-C - you need to use the front command dial instead.