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In my post I will do everything using our management portal without any code then later in the week we’ll have another post showing how to automate the same actions using our SDK.

I’ll start by giving you an overview of the basic components of the end to end solution that we’ll assemble in the instructions later in this post.

In the coming days we’ll make more postings covering the list of RTMP encoders we have tested with and how to set them up, how to setup and run live events using our SDK, applying content security to live streams, and running linear streams.

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Nice tits on this dicksucking young Japanese teen cosplay pornstar Yukie.We will have many posts this week covering different aspects of our live streaming capabilities and how to use them.In this post, I’ll give you some of the basics of live streaming and will then apply them to a specific scenario (a live desktop webcast).One of the great features of our live services is our seamless/instant transition of assets from live to on-demand.If you now go back and play the stream on one of your video players you’ll find that the stream is still available using the same URL but is now on-demand rather than live.