The bible on dating relationships

Always pray for healing and expect to be healed – either now or later.

Never lose faith in God to fulfil His promise that He wishes to heal ALL men – and will heal ALL men that love Him. I am engaged to a man that has been married once before, and now divorced.

Question is – having done it what are we going to do about it?we definitely can’t go into it the same way as we did before – the way the liberal churches teach it (since 70% their tithing congregation are likely divorced and most would leave) that divorce is an option if things don’t turn out the way we want.It’s not what can get out of it – it’s what we can give – how we can become the right person – not finding the right person for us.No one is ‘compatible’ – we are all self-serving – it’s about becoming compatible.So my opinion would be yes – according to Jesus one is an adulterer – but from the Bible it’s clear God is willing to wipe the slate clean.