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It’s hard to believe in such a short time I will be holding my son! 😍 I know all of you guys have been blowing up about wanting to see Kirra and it's been 2 months now:) it's been hard telling all friends and family not to post or know when the right time is.... My entire phone is filled with videos and pix of her...

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At the time, I was touring with Maroon 5 and doing their hair, so I didn’t really need a job.

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It’s rare for a high school student to be that expressive with their emotions. Adam Di Vello: After two seasons of Laguna Beach, Lauren told me she was going to fashion school in Los Angeles.The Hills was reality TV at its peak, before Keeping Up with the Kardashians lured audiences with its non-traditional family values and Jersey Shore hit below the belt with alcohol-fueled shenanigans.In essence, it was a classic coming-of-age story, evidenced by the lyrics of the infectious Natasha Bedingfield song “Unwritten” that memorably played during the opening credits.But there was a rumor circulating that a girl from an MTV show was going to be there. They said, “We want whoever is interning here to be okay with cameras, because MTV is going to start to film a documentary-style TV show.” So I showed up for my on-camera interview and was sitting in the lobby and that’s when Lauren walked in. I know what I’m doing here now.”Lauren Conrad: It was a weird moment for me. When I walked into that waiting room and sat down, I noticed that everyone was miked.That’s when I started to realize that this was a different kind of show. Then I went to Lauren and Heidi’s apartment to scout the location and I saw Audrina lounging by the pool in a bikini.