Police officer dating nurses

Three months later, Alisha gave birth to a baby boy. If everything had gone according to plan, Kevin, Sr., would have been the first person awake in his house.

He would have downed a cup of strong black coffee, wrested his son and two stepchildren out of bed, and escorted Alisha and Kevin Jr. "It would have been a normal day, like every other parent that took their kindergartner to school," Alisha said. "But after meeting him, we fell in love with him, both my husband and I," said Alisha's mother, Cyndee Herring.

Inevitably, off-duty police officers arrive quickly, offering more help than she needs.

A couple weeks ago, Alisha put out one of those messages.

The civilian was able to jump to safety before Will was struck and killed.

Officers delivered the news to Alisha at her mother's house, where she was resting in bed, pregnant with the couple's first child. In the days after the tragedy, Houston's police community surrounded the family to provide support, from street-level officers to the department's chief.

Witnesses said the officer screamed at a civilian, warning him to get out of the way.Officers used patrol vehicles to set up a barricade to give investigators space to work.At about a.m., a 26-year-old motorist with a blood-alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit blew through the barricade and past flashing police lights.Kevin Will was killed in May 2011, just months before Kevin Will Jr.was born, when a drunken driver hit Will as he investigated a traffic crash.